How much does hail damage Roof Repair cost?

Hail damage roof repair costs can vary widely but typically range from $200 for minor fixes to $32,500+ for a full replacement. The price depends on:
Extent of damage - The number of affected shingles or sections.
Roof material: Some materials are more expensive to repair than others.
Accessibility - Complex roofs may cost more due to labor.
Local Labor Rates - Contractor costs vary by region.

If you have homeowner’s insurance, submitting a claim will cover most if not ALL costs for any repairs or replacements for the roof. Homeowner’s insurance should cover the costs of these repairs needed due to hail damage to your roof. Contact Green Attic Roofing today to file a claim with your insurance company.

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Hailstorms can wreak havoc on your roof, causing dents, cracks, and compromising its integrity. Detecting hail damage early is crucial to prevent further issues like leaks and water damage to your home's interior.

Signs of hail damage on Roof

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Dented or Bruised Shingles:

Hail can leave visible marks on your roofing material, diminishing its effectiveness.

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Granule Loss:

Hail may knock off granules from shingles, exposing them to the elements and accelerating wear.

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Cracked or Split Shingles:

The impact of hailstones can lead to cracks in shingles, making your roof vulnerable to leaks.

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Water Spots on Ceilings:

If you notice water stains on your ceilings, it's a clear indication that your roof might have sustained damage.

Allow our skilled hail damage roofers to conduct a thorough inspection to assess the extent of hail damage accurately.

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Navigating hail damage roof insurance claims can be complex. We’ll work closely with you to document the damage and assist in filing a successful claim.

Once the insurance claim is approved, our hail damage roofers team will swiftly take over and restore your roof and its pre-damage condition, using high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship.

Expert Residential Roofing Services Chicago
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Expert Residential Roofing Services Chicago

The Green Attic Roofing Advantage:

With years of experience in the roofing industry, Green Attic Roofing is your reliable partner for hail damage roof insurance claims. Our commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Don't let hail damage compromise the safety and value of your home.

How long to claim hail damage on roof?

Most insurance policies allow you one year to file a hail damage claim for your roof from the date of the storm. However, it's crucial to act quickly beacouse over time, it gets harder to prove the damage is solely from the hail storm. Also, unrepaired hail damage can worsen, leading to leaks and costlier repairs.

How much hail damage to replace roof?

Hailstones around 1 inch in diameter or larger have enough force to cause significant damage to your roof, including dents, cracks, and granule loss, which compromise the integrity of asphalt shingles. When this type of damage occurs, you likely have a valid insurance claim for hail damage.

Let us handle your insurance claim with expertise, ensuring your peace of mind and a well-protected roof.

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